How does it work?

Broadcasting on Faithxtrme TV is easy and 100% free with no hidden or upfront costs.

Faithxtrme TV is a web based TV channel hosted by

We program using Youtube and Vimeo play lists.

What are the costs?

As mentioned to broadcast on Faithxtrme TV is 100% free.

What we are looking for

  • TV programs 30 minutes and 60 minute slots. (programs may include any Christian program including talk shows)

  • Christian Documentaries 

  • Christian Cartoons

  • Christian trailers and full films (films have no time length restriction)

  • Christian music videos


100% free

What are the specs?

  • All programs to be HD standard (minimum 720p HD)

  • Must have youtube or vimeo channel / videos or willing to give approval for us to upload your content to our youtube channel.


What next?

 If you wish to apply to broadcast on Faithxtrme TV or for further questions please APPLY BELOW

**** Before applying, please read the following terms and conditions****

Terms of Service

Download terms of service

Faithxtrme TV

Terms of Service v.1.1



Before considering broadcasting on Faithxtrme TV please read all information carefully.  


About Faithxtrme TV.

Faithxtrme TV is a web based TV CHANNEL hosted by, we use youtube and vimeo video links for scheduling our 24/7  Weekly TV channel.

Faithxtrme TV does not broadcast on commercial television or satellite TV it is strictly an internet channel. The Faithxtrme TV Channel is not to be viewed as a Television Network.


How we choose programs

All programs are chosen on how they fit into our scheduling.



What programs are we looking for?

Faithxtrme TV is looking for the following:

  • Christian programs that are 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length. (this does not apply for films)

  • Christian Films or films with great morals / values (no time restriction on films)

  • Christian Cartoons or cartoons with great morals / values

  • Christian documentaries or documentaries with great morals / values

  • Christian music videos


Specifications for Broadcasting


  • A minimum 720 HD video standard is required.



There are no contracts with Faithxtrme TV. You may pull your program / advertising etc off air at any time, but at least 24 HOURS NOTICE must be given.




Faithxtrme TV rights

Faithxtrme TV has the right to remove, suspend, and reject any program / video / application , advertising or any other content for no reason given at any time.


Faithxtrme TV is the Trademark Name for the channel and may not be used without permission.

Faithxtrme TV only uses content that has been approved by it’s owners or representatives. If you have a copyright claim against any content on the channel please address your concerns to

Faithxtrme Ministries Inc. and it’s members will not be held liable or responsible in any manner for regarding copyright issues held against programs on Faithxtrme TV.

Faithxtrme TV. Has the right to remove any programs at any time that a copyright claim is against.


On approval

Once your program / video etc has been approved Faithxtrme TV will give you an allocated time slot. Faithxtrme TV does not promise any program or video a particular time or quantity times of airing.

Faithxtrme TV has full rights to program any show/ advertising/ videos in any order of choosing that pleases them.


Using Faithxtrme TV Logo

Unless permission is given permission is not given to any person to place the Faithxtrme TV or any other logo of Faithxtrme Ministries Inc. on their website

Our logo while broadcasting

The Faithxtrme TV Logo will be ever present when any program / advertising/ content is being aired.


Content on site

All content on Faithxtrme TV or to the site the domain name ‘Faithxtrme TV’ is directed to is copyright of such content owners.


Use of photographs

By being approved to have your videos / programs etc on Faithxtrme TV you give permission for Faithxtrme TV to display your photographs on any website or social media platform that they operate for TV advertising purposes only.

Our social media platforms are wordpress blog, twitter, and facebook.

You also give Faithxtrme TV full rights to place your photograph within the FAITHXTRME MINISTRIES E-MAGAZINE for TV advertising purposes only.


Donation to us

Faithxtrme TV does not currently accept donations, however if you wish to contribute to keeping Faithxtrme TV 100% please visit the store located within this website.


Social Media

Although not necessary we would love for you to tell your friends and family about this work for Christ. Please direct them to


Authorized Person

By you applying below for your video, program, advertising etc to be aired on Faithxtrme TV you acknowledge that you are authorized to do so or are a representative of the person / organization who has given permission.

How to apply?


To have your program considered on our channel please fill out the following contact box and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Contact Us
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